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Do you remember the era when bookies used to receive a constant stream of calls regarding lines and bets? Well, that predicament was resolved with the introduction of a price per head service.

However, nowadays, agents find themselves bombarded with numerous calls seeking payment information, deposit methods, deposit limits, and various other inquiries.

We have the perfect solution for you. We have developed a software platform that enables players to log in and access a wide range of deposit options. They can easily request the information they need without having to send you text messages or make phone calls. This streamlines the process and eliminates the need for constant communication.

Our software not only allows customers to explore deposit options, but it also enables them to effortlessly request withdrawals. Additionally, they can specify their preferred payment method, eliminating the need for phone calls to convey this information to you. This convenient feature ensures a seamless experience for customers while reducing the need for direct communication.

Here is a comprehensive list of the various rights that you can offer and manage:

  • Minimum deposit.

  • Maximum deposit.

  • All your different types of deposit methods.

  • You can turn ON and OFF deposit methods by players.

  • You can receive withdrawal requests.

  • Track the total amount received based on the payment methods.

  • And much more ….

To provide a seamless deposit experience, YOU CAN offer a range of deposit options, including Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, and Custom methods. By easily storing the Venmo username and other relevant details, the process becomes straightforward for your customers. Here's how it works:

  1. Customer Login: Customers access your site using their username and password, which they use for the sportsbook site.

  2. Select Deposit Option: Once logged in, customers navigate to the deposit options and choose one of the payment methods available to them.

  3. Fill in Deposit Details: Customers enter the desired deposit amount. A pop-up window displays specific instructions related to the chosen payment method, such as the Venmo username.

  4. Confirmation and Account Credit: Upon completing the deposit request, you receive an email notification, informing you that customer X has made a deposit via Venmo, specifying the amount. All you need to do is confirm the transaction and credit the respective account.

This streamlined process minimizes manual communication and ensures efficient deposit handling for both you and your customers.

Please check the demo account below: 

Username: demo365
Password: 123

Username: de101
Password: de123

If you want more information about the EZcashier 

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